Stop carrying old feelings into new experiences.

Summer has sadly drawn to a close and the British weather has done its part in making that clear for us this week.

The transitional period has begun and the temperatures are dropping but it's not all doom and gloom. As the sun starts to hide away, the leaves steal its warm and vibrant glow away for their own colourings whilst we admire the warmth of our homes over the outside world.

To tie in with transitional periods we wanted to bring this week's message which is: stop carrying old feelings into new experiences”. It can certainly be hard to break certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours learnt through old episodes. However, your past trauma can be manifested into new situations where it does not belong or need to arise. You may be jeopardising new incredible opportunities by carrying your negative emotions through. Try to protect these new scenarios by dismissing associated feelings from your past experiences. You yourself and those around you deserve to try a clean slate.

Did you know a lifespan of a pure emotion caused by the chemicals in your body should only stay for about 90 seconds? You can try to use this for your self awareness in new situations. If you find an emotion dragging on perhaps this has come from a past experience and it may be one you need to assess.

It is not to say any of this is easy and it wont come at the click of your fingers but the cold months can be difficult for many so do try to start your wellness journey soon