Relax ...

It’s starting to get real cold now isn’t it?! When the colder and darker days hit it is extremely common to feel demotivated, down and debilitated. For many this is going to be an extremely difficult autumn/winter with stress on finances, health care and lack of faith in those in higher positions who have a responsibility to effectively support us all.

This may not feel like the most comforting message when you have a list of stresses accumulating. However, it is a cue to think how far you have come and that you can continue to keep the push. What can you do to keep the momentum?

We have found that over saturation and negativity is at an all time high with little respect to the current climate in the UK. This has really contributed to the already existing thoughts of creating something more meaningful than a clothing brand. Something with more value; continuing an idea of community and connection.We would rather you focus on yourself and bring some positive meaning into your life whilst we too start to think about how to entwine this further into the brand going forward.

We aim to put out a newsletter at least every two weeks which will be recorded as blog post on, why not take a look at our first one now?

Finally, we would love to leave you with a thinking prompt which we hope will spark thoughts of strength in yourself to keep it moving.


What was a challenging event in your life, and how did it strengthen your resilience?

If you would like to share your thoughts you are welcome to hereresponses will be anonymous.